Several years ago, we were asked to repair the exterior of a home in Boston’s South End neighborhood. Time and weather had damaged six window lintels, requiring repair, replacement and new ornaments that were mainly decorative. Some of the lintels were broken in half, where new moldings would have to be cast, expertly colored, installed and merged with the old.

When these types of restoration projects arise, we delicately create moldings out of rubber that we manipulate to replicate the original molding. We then ask our client for approval before we cast the cement. This particular project was unique because the color of the casting was brownstone, where the materials must be precisely colored in order to match the original lintels. Once the Connecticut Brownstone Sand-based blend was perfected and the mold was created, we cast the lintels with epoxy-coated re-bar curved to match the shape of the lintel to ensure longevity of the new ornament.

When electing to repair the old-world charm of your home, choose a plasterer who can not only replicate the original castings, but provides solutions that increase the life of your plaster features. Ornamental plastering is an art, science, and ongoing craft that can be costly if not done properly.

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